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My Approach

Rollo May, noted psychiatrist stated, “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice ~ it’s conformity.”  

​Looking within and connecting to our authenticity is the path out of conformity, self doubt and fear.  It's also the path to self love and personal freedom.  

Coaching is the collaborative partnership that supports you on this path of discovery providing a safe environment and proven steps that lead to self awareness, inner wisdom and personal freedom.

My coaching style is based upon my own personal journey, what's led me out of seemingly impossible odds and continues to work for me. 

My clients range from teenagers and young adults, singles, couples, parents and grandparents, divorced men and women, artists, businessmen and women, and senior citizens. 

I'm most familiar with the path of the parent, especially mothers, who have spent years dedicated to raising their children and tending to their families, only to now find themselves with the task of having to figure out their own lives for themselves.  This isn't just a path of self discovery.  This is also a re-patterning of behavior for the caregiver who is accustomed to giving to others yet challenged in how to replenish and rejuvenate their deeply exhausted self.

My clients are guided towards raising self-awareness, increasing confidence and self-worth and reframing pain into wisdom gained. Raising awareness alone is not enough, though.  Old patterns need to be replaced with new patterns in order to reset the subconscious mind and create lasting changes.  With that in mind, we work together to set goals and create the necessary, yet manageable, action steps to achieve these goals. 

​Wherever the path begins, the benefits inevitably ripple into all areas of life including career, relationships, and overall well-being.  



 Let's keep it simple.

Look within.

Set goals.

Take action.

Achieve the lasting results you desire.


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