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Cindy Mazejy

Self Freedom Life Coaching

Masters in Counseling

Certified Professional Life Coach

Unlocking your purpose, potential and joy

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Life is an amazing journey of ongoing change and transitions - for every single one of us.  No exceptions.


What are the stages of transitions?

A transition has an ending, middle and new beginning.

How well we adapt to these changes, these transitions from one stage of our lives to another, can have a resounding impact on our life.

How do I help?

I provide support and guidance to help you navigate the middle stage that's often filled with uncertainty, exploration, decision-making and reorientation.

I help you develop clarity so you may take action, release the "ending" and move with ease and confidence into your new beginnings.

No matter what stage of your life, whether starting out or starting over, the possibilities are truly endless.

Contact me today for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION and begin your journey towards achieving your dreams on your terms and living the life you love!

This is where awareness and action unite to create results.

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"Working with Cindy allowed me to have a seismic SHIFT in multiple areas of my life in just one session with her! I've been trying to have a breakthrough like this for decades. I've gone to Tony Robbins seminars, I've had other coaches and done tons of work on my self personally, but still wasn't able to make the change.


Due to Cindy's talent, compassion and intuitiveness, she was able to guide me to an issue that I've never even thought of before and that made all the difference for my breakthrough! I will forever be grateful for helping me find a part of myself that I thought was gone forever and helping me evolve to a greater version of myself.


Thank you so much!!!"


"Cindy came into my life with her Self Freedom Life Coaching just in the nick of time.  She is an amazing coach and healer.  She was patient and caring during a challenging time in my life.  Her meditation practices were so beneficial and brought peace and understanding and helped me to gain my self confidence back.


When we first started working together, I was in a lonely place and today, I can actually say she guided me through to a place of stability and groundedness.  Thank you Cindy."


"It was an honor to have Cindy choose to work with me. After having lived in 11 different countries and spending half my life as an expat, I returned to the US for a transitional stage. I was preparing to go back to school in Europe. By stroke of fate, Cindy came into my life. She is a truly gifted coach. It was a transformative three-month period during which I began to journal, to reflect on what brings me joy, and to develop a meditation practice.


Within a month after completing Cindy’s 12-week program, I entered a stable relationship in which I feel loved, became a happy first-time dog owner, maintained financial soundness, achieved a wonderful work/life balance, and my yoga practice is stronger than ever. Not to mention I faced a global pandemic while my binational family and household are still split between two continents!


Cindy helped me acquire and refine the tools to stay grounded no matter what curveballs life throws at us when approaching major life decisions."


"Working with Cindy was a breath of fresh air. Cindy is precise and on point in her work with her clients. I am a deep thinker and appreciate working with someone who challenged me to take my process to the next level, while still being in control of my journey and receiving compassion as I struggled to get where I needed.

If you want a direct link to getting from where you are now to where you want to be, I suggest working with Cindy. She’s an incredible woman and you would be lucky if she says yes to working with you.

It was an honor and a pleasure."


"I loved being coached by Cindy! She's a truly nurturing and authentic soul and immediately created a space of trust in which I felt completely safe to open up. She knows how to ask the right questions that made me reflect deeper, and a little deeper... until I discovered some very surprising underlying beliefs that were at the root of my presenting problem. Cindy also went through beautiful meditations with me and guided me smoothly through our sessions, which I didn't want to come to an end. 

I have so much clarity and direction now and am truly thankful for her significant part in this. I highly recommend Cindy as a life coach!"

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