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My Coaching Style

Over the years I’ve learned a great deal from people sharing their amazing journeys with me. What stands out is that even though circumstances are different, many of the feelings and experiences that we process are similar. I'd like to share the following excerpt with you from my own personal notes from when I’ve been in turmoil. 

“I feel lost, confused and restless. My mind feels scattered. I seek information then go into overload from too many opinions. When I’m unclear about what I really want, I feel disempowered, disconnected, scared and vulnerable. I don't know what to  do first.” 

Does any of this sound familiar? 


Life's transitions, especially when we're carrying deep internal wounds, can turn us inside out, yet they are also an opportunity to tear down old patterns that we no longer need in order to transform. Our growth is an ongoing process. But deep changes can leave us feeling fearful and desperately trying to hold on to what's familiar. Human Needs Psychology, which is also known as Strategic Intervention, is based upon the work of Tony Robbins and renowned psychologist, Chloe Madanes, and explains that we often choose "safe problems" to focus on rather than "quality problems".

What's a "quality" problem versus a "safe" problem?

Quality problems involve risky, forward-thinking decisions that will often take us to another stage in life. Safe problems are lingering issues which typically lie within our control such as procrastination, food and other addictions, blaming others and withdrawal. ​We choose safe problems because it can be easier to place our focus outside of ourselves and place it, instead, on other people and circumstances. When we're faced with a risky decision that we're unwilling to look at, a safe problem distracts us from taking the bigger step towards transformation. 

​My coaching program highlights how we try to hide and run away from ourselves, our "quality" problems and our continued growth and transformation. It shows how to stop focusing on what leaves you distracted from the core truth, stuck, and in the same place year after year.  I help you connect with the "quality" issues that are really driving your thought patterns, feelings and behavior. My program shows you how to face these issues head on, grab hold of your personal empowerment, set passionate goals and achieve your dreams.  

Why is my coaching so effective?

I offer what works for me. When I’ve focused on outside influences and "safe" problems, it has distracted me from what was really going on inside and, bottom line, it just didn’t work and neither did I. I kept feeling like I took a detour into somebody else’s neighborhood and life. It was a bad movie. The more I kept trying this approach and missing the mark, the more discouraged and exhausted I became. But once I learned how to know, love and trust myself, it was a total game changer.


Here's the point. When the inspiration is coming from outside of you, it’s doesn’t last. It needs to be your own and come from within.  But sometimes we need help in order to get to that place of inner guidance and self knowing. 


Now look, I am not a rah-rah cheerleader type of coach. My coaching style is direct and based upon my own personal journey. It has led me out of seemingly impossible odds. It continues to work for me and I know it can help you, too. I am self-discovery, goal, action and results oriented and driven. 

Simply put, my coaching helps your rediscover who you are. I'm here to support the rediscovering of and reconnecting with that part of you that has long been forgotten.  

I'm here to help you find your way back home to yourself. 

Welcome home.

Contact me today for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION and begin your journey towards achieving your dreams on your terms and living the life you love!

This is where awareness and action unite to create results ~ and that feels like magic!

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