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It's The Little Things

Sometimes I appreciate the inspirational quotes that are posted on social media. Other times, I don’t. It depends upon my mood, mindset, perspective, which direction the wind is blowing and what’s going on with my hair that day.

Today, I was in the mood to crack up laughing but my tea bag had other ideas.

I thought this was amusing because my teabag tripped me up. That little message caught my attention. In all the years of drinking this tea, I rarely noticed what was written on the little tag.

Where have I been? Have I been so caught up in what I was doing next that I didn’t notice?

I guess so.

It was different as a kid. There were less distractions. I used to read every part of the cereal box while I ate breakfast all by myself before school. I didn’t even flinch at the ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. They sounded like they could have been ingredients for the box itself instead of what I was eating.

I’m glad I read the cereal box. And I’m glad I was curious enough today to look more closely at the little tea tag. I’m not sure what I was expecting but seeing that it had a message caused me to stop and take a second look. It interrupted my regular routine.

A joke would have been good, but the inspirational message was still sweet.

I’ll remember that cup of tea.

Good job, tea bag.

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