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A Dusty Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a fair maiden named Moon Goddess who lived in the outskirts of a lovely village. Her quiet home was surrounded by an array of beautiful trees. The most magnificent tree of all, Sir Beech, towered high over her dwelling and wide across the yard.

Sir Beech, with the gentle grace of a weeping willow, became the focal point of Moon Goddess’ attention. She knew there were many other trees that surrounded her dwelling, but with Sir Beech occupying so much space, they weren’t as easy to see at quick glance.

One day, its time came to an end. When this graceful giant was no longer there, Moon Goddess wondered how she would ever adapt.

At first, all she saw was the vast space where her dear friend once stood. That area now felt unfamiliar.

But as she stepped back, she paused and smiled as time seemed to stand still. What she saw more clearly than ever were the many beautiful trees that were previously more hidden. Now they’re clearly part of her new landscape, and it’s beautiful.

Moon Goddess will always remember and appreciate Sir Beech ~ but she’s also found that she loves this new landscape.

Moon Goddess has a new perspective

~The End ~

That’s the fairy tale version. Here’s what really happened.

Once my beech tree was taken down and trucked away, I took time to allow all sorts of dust to settle.

What was most peaceful for me was sitting on what remained of the tree. I sat and ran my fingers through the dirt and sparse lawn, gathering the seeds that were scattered all around. Yes, I played in the dirt. And as much as I love and loved that tree, there was also a great sense of relief once it was taken down. The anticipation was over.

Sitting on the freshly cut tree stump, I saw my yard from a new perspective. The landscape was different. And what I saw was beautiful. Because the tree that once stood there had occupied so much space in all directions, seeing the trees beyond it didn’t happen with a quick glance.

Here’s my question for you.

What is looming so large in your life that it may be blocking a fresh perspective? Is it a person, a relationship, or a situation?

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s simply your own perspective.

If so, reach out to me. I LOVE shifting up what no longer serves within myself and helping others to do that, too!

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