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Nonconformity November

I've called this nonconformity November because of the deeply embedded patterns we typically develop in childhood.

We protect ourselves from situations that are new and/or frightening to us by learning to either fit in or act out.

Ultimately, we find ways to adapt to our surroundings and can wind up with our joy and creativity locked up inside of us, too.

Rather than looking back at what's happened in the past and retelling "the story", look forward. Where are you going?

If a race car driver goes into a spin and is headed for the wall, they're trained to look in the direction of the track, where they want to be, rather than the approaching wall.

Keeping the focus on where they're meant to be corrects both their steering and spin. It's not a natural response. It takes training and practice.

Same here. Don't look at the wall (story). Look at where you're headed.

Have fun with this. Let your creative-self have more play time.

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